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Convention Programme

Thursday 4th July

14:00-15:00       Committee Meeting                                       Colonial Room

15:00-19:30       Marathon Meeting                                        Colonial Room

19:30-21:00       Speaker Meeting - A New Meaning, A New Joy  Colonial Room

21:00-00:00       Marathon Meeting                                        Colonial Room


Friday 5th July

09:00-10:00       Just for today                                             York 

07:00-00:00       Marathon Meeting                                        Arden Room 

10:00-11:00       Living Our Principles. Steps 1,2 and 3              Westminster Suite 

11:00-12:00       Step 4 and 5                                              Westminster Suite 

14:00-15:00       Step 6 and 7                                              Westminster Suite 

14:00-15:00       P I presentation to Professionals                     Pavilion

16:00-17:00       UK Website                                                 Pavilion

16:00-17:00       Building Strong Home Groups                          Colonial Room

17:00-18:30       Given Another Chance                                  Westminster Suite

20:00-21:30       Speaker Meeting. Leap of Faith                       Kings

Other Activities

09:00-22:00       Chill out, Merchandise & cash Catering             Library

12:00-13:00      Committee Meeting                                        Dorset

09:30-10:30      Yoga/Mediation                                             Colonial Suite

22:00-02:00      Dance                                                         York

22:00-00:00      Open Mike                                                    Kings

00:00-02:00      70's and 80's Dance                                       Kings

18:30-20:00      Buffet Dinner                                                Palace

Saturday 6th July

09:00-10:00     Just for today                                                York

All Day             Marathon Meeting                                           Arden Room

09:00-10:00     Mens Meeting                                                 Westminster Suite

10:00-14:00     Language Groups on Request                             York

10:00-11:00     Hospitals and Institutions                                  Pavilion

10:30-12:00     Speaker Meeting. Overcoming Our Fear Of Life      Westminster Suite

11:00-12:00     Public Relations / Public Information                     Pavilion

11:00-12:30     Illness In Recovery                                           Colonial Room

12:00-13:00     UK Service Office Workshop, Relocation Discussion Pavilion

12:30-14:00     Womens Meeting                                              Colonial

12:30-14:00     Speaker Meeting. No Matter What                       Kings

14:30-16:30     Our History, Our Story, NA UK                             Kings

15:00-16:00     Step 8 and 9                                                   York

16:30-17:30     Spiritual Principles a day workbook                       Pavilion

17:00-18:00     Young Persons in Recovery                                 York

17:00-18:30     Speaker Meeting. Keys to Freedom                      Westminster Suite

17:00-18:30     LGBTQ+                                                          Colonial

19:00-20:30     Banquet                                                          Kings

21:00-22:00     Speaker Meeting. UKCNA 30 More Will Be Revealed  Kings

Other Activities

09:00-22:00      Chill out, Merchandise & cash Catering               Library

10:00-11:00      Committee Meeting                                         Dorset

09:30-10:30      Yoga/Mediation                                              Colonial Suite

09:30-17:00      Crèche                                                         Surrey

22:00-02:00      Dance two                                                    York

22:00-02:00      Dance                                                          Kings

Sunday 7th July

09:30-11:00     Steps 10,11,12. Working a programme of Spritual  Growth                                                                               York      

10:30-14:00     Marathon Meeting                                           Arden Room

10:00-11:30     Dealing with grief and loss                                Westminster

12:00-13:30     Speaker meeting. Creative Action of the spirit              Kings

14:00-14:30     Raffle, Trophy presentation plus H&I Link- up               Kings

14:30-16:00     Speaker Meeting. Never Alone Never Again                  Kings

16:00-16:30     Area Recognition. Cleantime countdown serenity prayer Kings

19:30-20:30     Stragglers

Other Activities

09:00-16:00      Chill out. Merchandise & Cash Catering             Library

09:30-10:30     Yoga/Meditation                                            Colonial Room

10:00-13:00     Alternative Merchandise and other event tables  Library

10:00-11:00     Committee Meeting                                        Dorset

09:30-17:00     Crèche                                                        Surrey

17:00-18:00      Committee Meeting                                       Dorset



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