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A note for Friends & Families of Addicts

پ., 04/10/2012 - 18:56 -- Visitor (تایید نشده)

The NA Helpline gets a lot of calls from Friends & Family of addicts. 
The first question we ask is "Do they admit they have a problem?"
Because until they do, there's nothing anyone can do.
They have to want it for themselves.
It's difficult to NOT try to save them, but often the kindest thing you can do is stop enabling them.
To find out more, and to get support for yourself, give this fellowship a call. 

F.A. (FAMILIES ANONYMOUS) 0845 120 0660
Monday - Friday 1pm-4pm and then again 6pm-10pm. Saturday and Sunday 2-10pm

we are not affiliated with them in any way