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س., 23/10/2012 - 07:54 -- Visitor (تایید نشده)

Welcome! You will find this website a good resource for information about Recovery, and there's no need to register.
But if you want to edit meeting info and/or add to certain discussions you'll need to register.

It is a simple process but must be followed to the letter.

1. Click on Register at the top

2. Choose a username. Type your email, and fill in the Captcha box [to prove you're not a robot]. Press submit.

Then you'll end up on the front page of the site. It'll say 'A welcome message with further instructions has been sent to your e-mail address'.

3. Please read that email so you know how to create your password

This process is very simple to humans, but unbelievably hard for robots. If however, you spam us, your account will be deleted and your email address will be reported to Mollom.