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Due to an urgent conscience sought from the UK fellowship, access to the face to face meeting list has been temporarily removed from this website. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

In light of the recent lockdown and the government ‘stay at home’ order, as well as the ongoing pandemic the UK fellowship conscience is to put in place an immediate solution around listing face to face meetings. This is while the RSC body can find a way to help groups run in a covid-secure way and gather a conscience on how to handle reports of meetings that are not covid-secure.

We urge you to take advantage of our online meetings during these unprecedented times.

There are long established online NA meetings every day at 11.00 am & 7.30 pm GMT.

Click here to access: (with a guide to how to access them).

The UKNA fellowship has brought more than 900 meetings online in this pandemic, thank you to all involved.

The list of these local online NA meetings can be found here:

If you are struggling to access these meetings, please use the links below, or call the UKNA Helpline on 0300 999 1212 and we will do our utmost to help you.

These are unprecedented times. It is vital we all do our part to ensure our fellowship stays connected, that we reach out to the still suffering addict, and carry the message of recovery as safely as possible.

NA = Never Alone

In Loving Service